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Adventure doesn't need to be tricky

Updated: May 6, 2018

I will publish a 'Hints & Tips' mini-blog every month alongside my monthly blog. These mini blogs will provide you with practical advice, be it tips for getting a great camp fire started, how to signal for help or how to choose the right kit for the adventure you have planned. With these tips you will be sure to realise even your wildest adventures dreams with safety and ease.

It is easy, sitting on the sofa to dream of heading out on a hike, scramble, walk or run but to feel constrained by a lack of knowledge or perceived lack of the 'right' equipment. I believe that adventures don't need to cost the earth and most don't require you to buy specialist kit with intimidating names. I will provide you with practical solutions using many things you may already have in your home by embracing my Army training to “Improvise, Adapt and Overcome”.

Each month step-by-step guides will teach you to make everything from your own grill out of scrap metal to cook that perfect bbq outdoors or to create a liner for your day sack to ensure your picnic arrives at the top of the hill just as you intended. With no specialist tools, just the items you have to hand or at most that you can buy from your local hardware store, you can pretty much fashion all you need for your future adventures.

I hope you will come back to read my future mini-blogs because, if there is one way to make yourself feel like a true pioneer, its making your own gear.


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